When “Someday” Stopped Getting Letters


My Someday and Beloved Now

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately on relationships and singleness. I have written some “not so great” ones before so this may be a repeat. But I wanted to share something that I did in preparation for relationships, stopped doing, and why I stopped.

It was some time during late junior high or early high school that I began to write letters to my future husband. (I know I know I know…..I know I do have a random hopeless romantic on the inside of me.) I would write things about how I was excited to love him and be loved by him despite our shortcomings. I would write about how I was excited to serve the Lord with him. A few times I even wrote about the guy I was currently “crushing on” and how I was excited to know that if my “crush” was not him then he must be incredible! I would tell him about what the Lord was teaching me and where in life I was.

I love the idea of writing letters to your future spouse and if you are led to do so praise the Lord and do it. I don’t discourage it at all and think it is great. If I do end up getting married someday I will probably start writing again after I am engaged or something. So remember that as I continue writing.

After a few years of random letters to my “Someday” I stopped. I realized that I had been writing to my “Someday” who, if he isn’t actually real, will never read the sweet letters I wrote to him and there would be a box sitting in my closet forever of the letters I never gave to the man I never met. I really don’t mean to sound depressing. This was just the conclusion I came to after some time.

The reason I stopped writing though was not because I didn’t want to write or because I decided God did not have someone in my future (I have no clue on that answer). The reason I stopped writing to my “Someday” was because I already have a “Now” and He has been my “Now” since I was 6 years old. Talk about a life long love, high school sweet heart, and best friend forever. My “Now” is always with me. My “Now” knows me better than anyone ever will or even could. My “Now” knows me even more than the possible “Someday” could ever know me. My “Now” created me in His image. My “Now” holds me, loves me, walks with me, romances me, makes me giggle, blesses me, mourns with me, rejoices with me, is silly with me, goes on adventures with me, and is perfect. Why had I been writing to the “Someday” who may not even exist instead of the “Now” Who has always existed and pursues me daily?

That is why I love to do things with Him and if He brings someone for me to do life with in the format of marriage then that is great! But it is no greater than having my “Now”. He is my “Now”, He is my “Always”, and He is my “Eternity”. Writing letters to Him and talking to Him is my favorite!

Just a thought.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Leah Kate

Song of Solomon 7:10 NLT

“I am my lover’s, and he claims me as his own”

Will you believe?

  1. Soli Deo Gloria!

    You are amazing no matter what people say, what you think, or what you feel

  2. Your love for the Lord is the most attractive thing about you
  3. You are created in the Lord’s image and are beautiful (not even sunsets were made in His image and they are gorgeous)
  4. Your heart needs to be guarded
  5. You nor anyone other than the Lord can guard your heart perfectly and without mistake
  6. High expectations may mean that you spend some time alone while others go on dates all the time, are getting engaged and married but you are worth more than you could ever know so wait until God brings a man to pursue your heart.
  7. Don’t overthink things.
  8. Don’t pursue anything with any guy (no matter how amazing he may seem) unless its just friendship. If it is to be more than that then he needs to do the work and get your attention and taking risks.
  9. Be patient
  10. Strive after the Lord regardless of your relationship state because He is pursuing you daily and no man will ever love you or long for you as much as He does
  11. Find your satisfaction in Christ alone. Everything else is just sprinkles, whipped cream and syrup on top of the ice cream
  12. When in a relationship: if he isn’t/cant lead you spiritually end it no matter how painful it is
  13. If Jesus is not your number one check your priorities
  14. You are loved
  15. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up. Just learn and move on.