What was 2013?

At the end of each year people tend to take a few moments to look back and reflect on the past year. Even Facebook reminds us by creatively putting together all of your biggest and best moments in to one page of what your fb year looked like! (Well done Facebook. Well done!)

So of course me being the Leah that I am took a few moments to think back on this 2013 year and my goodness it was great and terrifying!  Therefore, here are my thoughts on 2013!

Where do I begin? This year as I have said many of times was the most difficult, challenging, painful, heartbreaking, tear draining, wonderful, joyful, redeeming, maturing and beautiful year I have ever lived. I like lists, so let me explain this year in a list:

  1. I turned 21!
  2. I got my gallbladder removed (that’s a story of it’s own)
  3. I passed a lot of kidney stones! (And we praised God for hydrocodone!)
  4. I enjoyed life with the greatest family and friends anyone could ever ask for!
  5. I made a ton of new friends who are quickly becoming family and I get to serve with them in ministry through Initiative!
  6. My best friend Jordan lived with me in the summer!
  7. As most know I found out that I have a brain tumor that unless Jesus just takes it away (which He is able!) is on my brain stem, slowly growing, and will continue to be there slowly growing and monitored every 3-6 months.
  8. I found out that I am a miracle. My brain scans in April showed that my brain is small and that I should not be at a college level education and that the scans matched that of a person in a coma but Lord willing I am graduating college in August and obviously I am not in a coma!
  9. I had brain surgery to drain fluid!
  10. I got to grow closer with the Lord this year, which is always wonderful!
  11. I got a new car!
  12. I lost an uncle who is and will always be one of my heroes
  13. I was able to be an aunt for another year to 8 of the greatest infant to 7 years old kids that I honestly believe have ever existed.
  14. I got to be the youngest daughter to the greatest parents ever!
  15. I got to be the youngest sister to the greatest siblings ever!
  16. I was able to learn thus far what is really important in life and my goodness it is not what we think it is!
  17. I got to be Leah Kate King. Who has a completely underserved life through Jesus Christ and longs to know Him more.

Therefore, there is no doubt that this year has been amazing! It has been crazy but amazing and I am so thankful that the Lord gave me 365 more days to enjoy Him and the life He has given me on this earth.

So 2013 was fun and in a few days will be gone! 2014, Lord willing, will be great and I look forward to seeing and experiencing all that the Lord has in store!

Soli Deo Gloria.

Leah Kate

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