Back at DBU! Senior year! I had no idea!

Wow it is my senior year of college and can I just say I am so excited to see what is ahead?! I have been so blessed to be back at my second home Dallas Baptist University. I have been blessed with great roommates/appartment-mates this year who not only love the Lord but are just super fun people to chill with! I love all my classes and teachers. I am blown away at the way God placed me in the perfect classes for not only my knowledge of a job but my growth in Him.

What I really came on here to write about today is how crazy word travels and how thankful I am once again for the power of prayer.

1. I met a girl this week at school who right after learning my name asked if I had been sick and then proceeded to tell me that she had been praying for me. She didn’t even know me and yet was praying! WOW!

2. Went to a Village Church home group only to find out that the leaders of the group had heard of me and had been praying for me.

I know often times we pray for those we have never met but we never truly realize the impact it has. Well let me tell you! Not only does it have impact because you are battling on their behalf but also it is extremely encouraging and life-giving if they find out. So don’t stop lifting the Body Of Christ up! It is powerful!